Without online marketing, there is virtually nothing in any company today, especially if you also want to sell products directly over the Internet or offer services. Of course, every area of online marketing alone is worth a large text contribution, if you want to shed light on all the details. Therefore, we would like to give you a brief overview first.



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As with traditional marketing, everything stands or falls with a well thought out and coherently designed strategy and a coordinated marketing plan. After all, even the best marketing measures and instruments are of little use, if not everything is coordinated.

The implementation must be realistic. Those who want to do everything at once in a very short time, usually fail, because many measures must be carefully constructed over a longer period and then maintained. Building a brand, launching influencer marketing campaigns, a coherent Facebook campaign, and sustainable SEO are all good examples of how you cannot rush things and see results from one day to the next.

Not only are there simply no immediate results, it is also better to proceed step-by-step with various aspects and measures to assess the reactions of the audience and customers and, if necessary, to continually align goals, strategy and actions with needs and experiences.

Web Design is complex

Therefore, the term "web design" is a bit misleading because it sounds more like packaging than content. But today web design is interdisciplinary and much more complex than you might think.

The WikiPedia definition

„Web design includes as a discipline of media design the visual, functional and structural design of websites for the Internet. The technical implementation of websites is referred to as web development.“


Social media marketing in 2018 is simply necessary for a successful internet presence. In Web 2.0 the motto seems to apply: “You are what you share”.

On the one hand, the big advantage is that you can reach your customers very well and quickly via social media, especially if you use the appropriate targeting. On the other hand, the social networks also offer the unique opportunity to get direct feedback from the customers, to get in touch with them and to establish a direct relationship.

This offers many advantages, but also comes with certain risks. Online shops, providers of services, as well as politicians and NGOs fear nothing more than the infamous Shitstorm. Because an open discussion in the comments of a Facebook page are very difficult to brake, if they are first out of control. Fake News can almost not be denied once the rumor has been put into orbit.


In the age of Facebook, Twitter and Co., you have to know when, how and if you should even respond to certain comments. Therefore, it can only be discouraged from wanting to act on the social media itself.

It's always better to have a professional social media manager on the payroll. He is neutral, tends to be less personally attacked and respond with the appropriate words, tone and speed.
In short: thanks to social media, the established sender / receiver system has been revolutionized. The communication channel is open on both sides, but you have to know how to handle it professionally.

The importance of social networks is probably no longer seriously contested by anyone, but many, especially older semesters are facing the social media rather skeptical and often even almost helpless.


So how should social media marketing be tackled? Many medium-sized companies are forced to set up a fan page on Facebook and then think that this will continue on their own. This is a common and very fatal mistake, because Facebook pages are less marketing but rather communication. Those who simply advertise directly on their Facebook Page are quickly through with their potential customers. On the other hand, open, honest and transparent communication is rewarded with loyalty.
The best way to achieve this is to look for professionals who can help you build and maintain an attractive site. And in the context of an overall concept for social media marketing, because Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. should be in most cases harmoniously and cleverly combined.
Especially influencer marketing is considered so important today and, in the future, that at the beginning of 2018 we have set up our own agency for Influencer Marketing as our own brand: Adfluencer
All information about Adfluencer, Germany's leading agency for Influencer Marketing, and helpful information can be found at adfluencer.de.


  • Great user experience
  • Less is more, focus on the important
  • Innovative and modern design
  • Responsive on every device
  • SEO optimized content
  • Lead/ conversion generation
  • Easily understandable
  • Visually appealing
  • "Out of the box" thinking


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Also, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be devoted enough time and budget. Because even here is a common mistake, that while an attractive and chic website is designed and put live, but then neglected and if at all ranked very low in the results of the search engines.
However, it is not only important that you land as high as possible in the search engine ranking, but then you need also to be clicked on and these clicks ultimately should reflect in the sale of products and services.
Although Google itself recommends that you optimize the website for the user and not for search engines, this is of course a bit short-sighted. The best thing is to keep an eye on both the user and the search engines and create an optimal page that satisfies both.
So, if you want to design a new page, you should hire a good specialist to achieve a truly perfect result. If the website already exists, an improvement is always possible - although, of course, here the professional is also the right address.
Requirements for search engine optimization
The key aspect of SEO is that the website for the search engine robot – also known as Spider - is firstly found, and then secondly readable, meaning that the spider can move effortlessly through the different pages. This means that you cannot hide content behind a form or build the code in a way that search engines cannot follow the links. Because if this is the case, then these contents are simply not findable for the Spider and therefore invisible.
There are a lot of aspects, rules and tricks to consider, which is why you should definitely ask for the help of a professional SEO specialist or a specialist agency.
Top ranking factors of the search engines are among others:
High quality content
Higher number of words in the text
Enrichment with additional media such as pictures or videos
Good technical page performance as a basic requirement for on-page ranking
Robust page information architecture with the best possible, balanced internal link structure
Short loading times
Presence of standard meta tags.
Both the quantity as well as the quality of backlinks remain important factors.
Social signals
User signal

Unique user experience 99%
Reach more people 93%
Establish a brand 87%
Timeless design 85%


Google makes over 95% of its revenue with its Google Ads (formerly: AdWords). Here, certain search terms can be booked and linked to a landing page.
So, if you have not been able to land at the top of search results for a particular search term, Google Ads is an excellent, albeit paid, option.
With over 2 billion members, Facebook is the largest social network in the world. So, it is only obvious that one uses this fact for advertising purposes. Facebook knows exactly - as Google - what the users are looking for and what information you would like to have. Facebook not only analyzes the actual searches, but also takes into account which posts were rewarded with a "like", or even shared.
Facebook ads combine reach and interaction, and advertisers can pinpoint their audiences and enter exact budget presets in their preferences.
Facebook Ads have some important advantages over the more popular Google AdWords:
⎫Image and video can additionally reinforce text messages.
⎫Some ad formats have recommendation from friends / fans as a basis.
⎫The targeting can be demographic and sociographically much finer and more accurate.
⎫ Thanks to social plug-ins, such as the "Like" button, advertisements can be distributed virally.


Proper branding can also be a decisive advantage for online merchants. Because due to recognizable brands, you can stand out from the sea of competition.
First, you have to think about what your brand should stand for. Because brands can and should be associated with certain values and qualities. Examples are certainly:
good quality of the product
reliability of the dealer
Environmental friendliness
Social attitude
In the ideal case, you can create a brand that identifies a whole product group, although it also includes the competition. The best example here is certainly the good old-time cosmetic tissue.


AdWords, Facebook Ads, Banner Ads, etc. are components of online advertising and digital advertising.
In principle, digital advertising follows the same objectives as classic advertising:
Brand Awareness
Online Ad Awareness
Message Association
Brand Favorability
Purchase Intent
First, of course, you should always be aware of what you really want to achieve with a particular campaign. So, define a clear campaign goal and follow this consistently.
Next, the format of the ad must be selected. The best thing is to test different formats and their placement. In particular, come into question:
Full banner
In terms of technology, there are very interesting and complex options available today. You should really use them, because the customers and users have become increasingly demanding over time and expect a provider to be state-of-the-art.
Thus, in addition to the classic and very simple image formats such as GIF and JPG, rich media formats such as e.g. Flash or DHTML are used. When using Flash, however, one must also bear in mind that these cannot be used on all end-user devices.
In the early days of the Internet age, the size of the ad was a fairly important factor, since very few users had sufficient data processing capacity on their devices. This is hardly the case nowadays. Nevertheless, one should note that too long loading times scare the users.
It is very important then that the design and production of the advertising material are in the hands of a good agency. Self-made, amateurish banners are perceived negatively by the customers and certainly make no positive impression. Banners can now be artfully animated and designed interactively and with multimedia. And you should definitely use these possibilities in order to attract the attention of potential customers and to achieve the best possible conversion rates.
It is also important to note that the rather small space on the banner rather limits the length of the advertising message. One should always limit oneself to one important message. In particular, the call-to-action (action request) is important here.
As in traditional print advertising, the placement of the advertising material is also important in digital advertising. A good place is right above, or across the top of the page.
The frequency of the insertion should not be too high, because at some point the user becomes immune and does not look anymore. Optimal seem to be 7-10 flashes. In digital advertising, this can be controlled very simply and elegantly, with the frequency capping technology.
If the customer then clicks on the banner, it automatically comes to the landing page. Here, it then be decided whether the potential customer, who has already shown that he is generally interested in our product or service, actually realizes the purchase.
You should not let the customer land on the homepage, but on the perfectly optimized landing page. Here the product should be shown, good arguments should be given for the purchase, etc.
Banner advertising can be settled in different ways. A good agency explains the various options and works with you to find the right solution:
Cost per Click
Cost per Lead
Cost per Sale/Order
Several factors determine the price, e.g.:
Advertising means
In this case, the price is the higher the larger the advertising medium and the more accurate the targeting.
Targeting is one of the big advantages of online advertising, because it allows you to determine incredibly accurately who will see the ad opposed to the situation in a newspaper or on TV. Here the wastage was and is quite high.

In essence, there are the following relevant targeting options:
⎫Thematic targeting
⎫Semantic targeting
⎫Demographic targeting
⎫Geo targeting
⎫Behavioral targeting
⎫Re targeting
⎫Technical targeting
⎫Keyword targeting
⎫Targeting based on database values
Another advantage of digital advertising is that you can evaluate the banner campaigns with appropriate analysis tools very accurately. In this case, e.g. the conversion rate and the click-through rate play a central role. Important here is a consideration and analysis of several factors.


A good internet reputation is a really central and important aspect in the times of Web 2.0. Because today, customers like to inform themselves extensively on the Internet before buying. Positive entries about your product and / or services are therefore practically vital. These can be comments and posts in online forums, blogs and review portals.
To prevent slander, cyber-bullying and negative comments you should act and take matters into your own hands - we at LynkHero are here to help you, including: by the following measures:
⎫Analysis of the entries and search results
⎫ Delete negative entries
⎫Displacement of negative entries
⎫We align our activities closely with your existing PR and marketing activities, develop an individual strategy for your communication on the Internet and attract positive attention to you or your company.
⎫Continuous media monitoring in Web 2.0


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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Make this first step and write us.

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