Creating digital Experiences

“The best dreams happen when you’re awake.” We try to make these dreams a reality. At XENOconcept we create extraordinary “Digital Experiences” from visionary ideas, new technologies and a clear design philosophy.

As a worldwide operating web agency and creative agency we offer among others:

  • Web design & conception of complex online projects
  • Multilingual Wordpress websites with WPML & Woocommerce
  • Search Engine Optimization & Brand Identity Creation
  • Video & Film Production
  • Graphic Design & Photography
    as well as graphic design and individual virtual reality solutions.
  • Social Media, UGC Content Creation & Influencer Marketing

Every project is unique, just like you. That’s why we take the time to understand your ideas and desires in detail.

We LOVE web design, we LIVE content creation

We focus on TECHNOLOGY, LOVE & MAGIC User Experiences

We present your brand, your products, or just your idea with so much attention to detail that it feels like it’s our own. Our experts transform a simple website into a magical digital experience that feels like it’s out of this world.

Whether it’s small wordpress projects, ecommerce or woocommerce solutions, polished SAAS platforms or scalable multilingual platforms perfectly optimized for the data octopus that is SEO – We can help.

Wordpress, Woocommerce & WPML

We are experts in what we do. As a wordpress agency, we help you in all areas:

  • Regular maintenance of your website
  • Backend & frontend optimization
  • Custom Coding, Bugfixes & Plugin Development
  • Design, branding & content creation
  • Multilingual, international e-commerce stores
  • Server and database optimization

Storytelling for your brand

We focus entirely on your target group. Whether it’s modern, innovative design for Gen Z or a minimalist, clear concept for the banking sector.

Good branding is the key to success and more conversions.

Web 3.0, Metaverse and AI

Our goal is to help you shape the zeitgeist and set the trends of tomorrow today. We don’t scare you about Metaverse, Blockchain, NFTs, ChatGPT and Machine Learning, but instead help you use these tools to your advantage to create the world of tomorrow.

VR & Mixed Reality developments and the road to General Artificial Intelligence are not a problem, but an opportunity. Because we work hard to help you stay ahead of your competition.

Web design made in Germany, directly from Nuremberg

We are proud to be Nuremberg and to support all customers from our region Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen.

But we are also active far beyond and count brands from Asia, the USA, Australia & all of Europe among our happy customers.

Will you be one of them soon? We hope so!



The art of combining “content” and technical implementation in an aesthetically pleasing way. From small local websites to the global web presence of your brand, we help you.


Creative and innovative media projects, produced with the latest 4K camera equipment and professional post production software. Of course we also have drones!


We are experts in digital marketing, whether social media / influencer marketing or global internet marketing campaigns. It’s all about promoting & marketing your projects in the best possible way.


Virtual Reality ist endlich im Mainstream angekommen. Wir helfen dir bei deinen VR Projekten und erschaffen die ultimative Immersion, egal wie komplex die Anforderungen sind.


From Photoshop edits to unique logos and the creation of designs tailored specifically to your brand. We create exceptional & timeless designs that do justice to your project.


Quality “Made in Germany”: XENOconcept UG is based near Nuremberg, in the heart of Bavaria. Since the foundation of our first brand in January 2017, our company operates over 20 own ecommerce stores and agencies.

As a creative agency, your project always has top priority with us. Whether it’s innovative marketing concepts, professional video / film production and epic, unique designs: we help you.


From web design to digital media project production. In our design philosophy we follow 3 simple rules:

A minimalist, simplistic design approach with modern & futuristic touches.
Innovative ideas: We always try to think “out of the box”.
From concept to reality: we give everything to make your ideas a reality.
“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

"Die Reise von tausend Meilen beginnt mit einem kleinen Schritt." Mach diesen ersten Schritt und schreib uns.