Creating digital Experiences

“The best dreams happen when you’re awake.” We try to make these dreams a reality. At XENOconcept we create extraordinary “Digital Experiences” from visionary ideas, new technologies and a clear design philosophy.

As a worldwide operating digital agency and creative agency these are our brands:

Every project is unique, just like you. That’s why we take the time to understand your ideas and desires in detail.

We are working with local businesses in various sectors, individuals, leaders, marketers and big brands like Volkswagen, Huawei, Fandom or Wikia Inc.

Full Marketing Solution for your Business

Digital Marketing STARTER

Digital Marketing PRO

We LOVE web design, we LIVE content creation

Existing Website

Website Management & Maintenance STARTER

Website Management & Maintenance PRO

New Website

New Website development & Hosting STARTER

New website development & Hosting PRO

Storytelling for your brand

We focus entirely on your target group. Be it modern, innovative design for Gen Z or a minimalist, clear concept for the banking sector.

Good branding is the key to success and more conversions.

Wordpress, Woocommerce & WPML

We are experts in what we do. As a Wordpress agency, we help you in all areas:

Regular maintenance of your website
Backend & frontend optimization
Custom coding, bug fixes & plugin development
Design, branding & content creation
Multilingual, international e-commerce stores
Server and database optimization

We rely on TECHNOLOGY, LOVE and MAGICAL user experiences

We present your brand, your products or just your idea with so much attention to detail that it feels like it’s our own. Our experts transform a simple website into a magical digital experience that feels out of this world.

Whether it’s small Wordpress projects, ecommerce or Woocommerce solutions, sophisticated SAAS platforms or scalable multilingual platforms that are perfectly SEO-optimized for the data octopus – we’ll help you.

Web 3.0, Metaverse and generative AI

Our goal is to help you shape the zeitgeist and set tomorrow’s trends today. We don’t scare you with Metaverse, Blockchain, NFTs, ChatGPT and Machine Learning, but instead help you use these tools to your advantage to create the world of tomorrow.

VR & Mixed Reality developments and the path to General Artificial Intelligence are not a problem, but an opportunity. Because we work hard to help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Web design made in Germany, directly from Nuremberg

We are proud to be from Nuremberg and to support all customers from our region of Nuremberg, Fürth and Erlangen.

But we are also active far beyond this and count brands from Asia, the USA, Australia and all of Europe among our happy customers.

Will you be one of them soon? We hope so! Greetings from Schwaig near Nuremberg!



The art of combining “content” and technical implementation in an aesthetic way. From small local websites to your brand’s global web presence, we’re here to help.


Creative and innovative media projects, produced with the latest 4K camera equipment and professional post-production software. Of course we also have drones!


We are experts in digital marketing, whether social media / influencer marketing or global internet marketing campaigns. It’s about promoting and marketing your projects in the best possible way.


Virtual Reality ist endlich im Mainstream angekommen. Wir helfen dir bei deinen VR Projekten und erschaffen die ultimative Immersion, egal wie komplex die Anforderungen sind.


From Photoshop edits to unique logos and creating designs tailored specifically to your brand. We create exceptional & timeless designs that do justice to your project.

Social Media // UGC Creation // Web // Marketing // Ecommerce

Full service e-commerce solutions, including Amazon, Ebay and Etsy management

At XENOconcept we have a strong focus on e-commerce, especially on platforms like Amazon, and rely on a strategy of simple marketing.

Our e-commerce approach focuses on providing our customers with a smooth and user-friendly shopping experience. We continuously optimize our product pages to achieve a high conversion rate and rely on effective warehouse management and logistics to ensure fast delivery.

Amazon is an important sales platform for us on which we present and sell our products. Through targeted Amazon SEO strategies and advertising campaigns, we maximize the visibility of our products and increase our sales on this platform.

Our simple marketing approach aims to develop effective marketing strategies that are easy to implement yet impactful. We rely on automation tools and data-driven decisions to optimize our marketing activities and achieve maximum return on our investments.

SEO, PR & Branding

At XENOconcept, the focus is on holistic brand management based on public relations (PR), branding, search engine optimization (SEO) and community management.

We attach great importance to promoting a positive perception of our brand among the public. Through targeted communication with relevant media and influencers, we strive to increase awareness of our brand and build a strong brand identity.

Our consistent branding is key. We rely on a well-thought-out design concept and a clear brand message to create a consistent brand image and strengthen the trust of our customers.

In order to be present online and increase our visibility in search engines, we rely on an effective SEO strategy. By optimizing our website content, keyword research and technical measures, we ensure that potential customers can easily find us.

Finally, we take care of building and maintaining a committed and loyal customer base through our community management. Through interactions on social networks, forums and other online platforms, we create an active community that contributes to brand loyalty and positive word of mouth.


Quality “Made in Germany”: XENOconcept UG is based near Nuremberg, in the heart of Bavaria. Since founding our first brand in January 2017, our company has operated over 20 of our own ecommerce stores and agencies.

As a creative agency, your project is always our top priority. Whether innovative marketing concepts, professional video/film production and epic, unique designs: we can help you.


From web design to the production of digital media projects. In our design philosophy we follow 3 simple rules:

A minimalist, simple design approach with modern & futuristic accents.
Innovative ideas: We always try to think “out of the box”.
From concept to reality: We do everything we can to make your ideas come true.
“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”

Fully Managed Websites / Secure, fast, beautiful. And magical.

We are MASTERS in building websites, we are the architects of the digital world.

Over the years we have created hundreds of websites, each unique and magical in its own way.

No matter whether e-commerce, blog, portfolio or complex projects, we are at your side. Always.

Cross border sales & international marketing. For Germany and for the world.

XENOconcept operates not only in Germany but also internationally and relies on cross-border sales and international marketing in order to be successful both on the German market and worldwide. Through targeted marketing strategies and an effective sales structure, XENOconcept strives to distribute its products and services across national borders and build a strong presence in international markets. Cultural differences and regional characteristics are taken into account in order to develop tailor-made marketing campaigns that are effective both in Germany and in other countries.

With a global approach and a strong focus on the needs of target markets, XENOconcept strives to strengthen its market position both in Germany and worldwide and to make its products and services accessible to a broad international audience.

Event marketing with cosplayers and show acts

As part of an extensive cooperation between Disney/Zag Entertainment and Volkswagen for the cinema release of Miraculous Ladybug, we have been present at several events, including the film premiere in Berlin, the IAA in Munich at the Volkswagen stand and the transparent factory in Dresden, in collaboration with Mutabor, Avantgarde and Pulse Online ensure an outstanding live entertainment experience. Influencers and cosplayers were there.

Our creators achieved over 3 million views with their individual videos about the events on TikTok and generated thousands of enthusiastic reactions on site!

Metaverse & federal government in one sentence? We made this possible!

The federal government and public administration are entering the metaverse with our support! As part of a pioneering campaign, we equipped the relevant locations with KAT WALK VR devices. There’s a hint of “Ready Player One” in the air.

Social media content creation for events & trade fairs

Regardless of whether it is about working with influencers for trade fairs and events or professional services for content creation using film and photography, we are there for all content production needs with our first-class equipment and team.

For the world’s leading hardware specialist Supermicro, we had the honor of accompanying their trade fair stand at the Embedded World 2024 in Nuremberg with our film team. We produced high-quality content that corresponds to Hollywood quality for LinkedIn.

Your social media agency directly from Nuremberg

We are your local social media agency from Nuremberg that is passionate about the city and all the small businesses and brands that are based here.

We supported Nürnberger Nachrichten in its first steps in influencer marketing in 2023, secured placements and provided comprehensive advice.

Passion. emotions. Authenticity. Creativity.

UGC // Content creation for TikTok, Instagram & Co

The megatrend of the year is short-form content, and all major social media platforms are following TikTok’s lead. Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts are perfect tools to efficiently expand your content marketing.

We create authentic user-generated content for you – be it TikTok videos, Instagram Reels or live streams – both in our studio in Nuremberg and outside or while traveling.

Content is king, let us be your queen.

Our brands

For us, everything revolves around content creation, digital marketing and social media.

Because this field is so extremely diverse and broad, we have created specialized own brands and agencies for different areas.

What can we help YOU with?

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.” Message us.