“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” (Steve Jobs). Graphic design is the activity that visually depicts language, thoughts, and larger contexts using tools such as typography, image, color, and graphic material. What was initially used for classic print media such as magazines, books, posters, cards and brochures is nowadays used primarily in electronic media with interactive functions such as web pages or mobile apps. Here one speaks often of media designer, a specialist for these areas of application.

Since classical graphic design has not been limited anymore to the graphic design of print media for many years, it is more and more often referred to as communication design, which includes not only visual communication but also verbal and audiovisual communication.



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The graphic design is indisputably a very decisive factor for the success of a business. Because the visual impression is the first and often the most important impression, since many people rather look at pictures and graphics, instead of reading long texts in full length. So, it’s important to be able to visualize our message, the product features, our corporate philosophy or whatever.

But even if the customer actually reads everything, an appealing and successful visual presentation deepens what has been read and, ideally, also creates a corporate identity and achieves a deterrent effect.

Web Design is complex

Therefore, the term "web design" is a bit misleading because it sounds more like packaging than content. But today web design is interdisciplinary and much more complex than you might think.

The WikiPedia definition

„Web design includes as a discipline of media design the visual, functional and structural design of websites for the Internet. The technical implementation of websites is referred to as web development.“


For us, a successful graphic design offers a valuable opportunity for problem solving and not just as a visual incentive. Good design creates clarity, builds character and enhances products in the eyes of customers. Concretely, we help our customers according to their ideas and wishes to visibly communicate the message and communicate directly with the customer non-verbally.

Whether designing a smart logo, layout of print types, designing a complete corporate design, web design and more – we are a competent, creative, dynamic and reliable partner for your business.

See the Pen glitch hello world by Sean Codes (@sean_codes) on CodePen.


Every company, service provider or freelancer needs a logo. It helps to recognize the company, the provider, the product or the service - or of course everything together - to create a brand identity or a corporate identity. In short - everything must be consistent, well thought out and of high quality. Good logo design should therefore meet the following criteria:
1. The logo design must match your company.
You should never look at a logo in isolation, but it should read what it actually is: an integral part of corporate design. Therefore, it should clearly reflect the corporate philosophy. The logo should, if possible, make it clear what your activity, industry, product or service is. In addition, a logo can convey a modern, innovative, smart or rather conservative, solid corporate philosophy. A funeral home needs a completely different company logo than a software startup, just to mention one example.
2. Good logo design is simple and clear.
There are various very symbolic signs, colors, shapes, etc. in all cultures. One should make sure not to arouse false associations. Therefore, carefully check whether the symbol chosen by you is actually easy to understand and above all unmistakable to your company.
3. A logo should make a clear statement.
A visual sign / symbol, as the logo itself is, must convey the message in a simple and clear manner. Highly complicated symbolisms, multiple messages and too much complexity are not appropriate here. The customer should not only rumble, what the logo is about. Too many details, too many colors and the like are confusing and dubious.
4. The logo design must be remembered.
As a rule, customers only look at the logo very briefly. In this short time, it should stay in the memory. It is said then that the logo has a high recognition value - and that must always be the goal. Even if you only see the Coca-Cola logo somewhere in the landscape and out of the corner of your eye, you will recognize it immediately. The motto is: less is more.
5. Good logo design is unique and original.
There are many logos. If you want to stand out, you have to be original. Above all, it should be unique and not a cheap copy of an existing logo. The logo should stand out from the competition, just as your company hopefully does.
6. Good logo design can be used in different sizes.
The logo must be such that you can see it both very small (careful with too many and especially small details), as well as in greatly enlarged form without loss of effect. The logo design should be available as a vector graphic file, such as EPS.
7. Good logo design is suitable for various advertising media and materials.
Remember that the logo should then look good on a variety of media - not just digital. As a part of corporate design, it is used on business cards, flyers, ads, signs, stationery, stickers and much, much more. Even if it needs to be used black and white in times of need, it should still look good. A little tip: unusual colors are more expensive to produce (due to higher printing costs). So, if you have to pay attention to money, it will be cheaper with standard colors.
8. Good logo design is timeless.
Even if a logo can be spiced up and slightly modified after a few years, the logo accompanies a company throughout its productive life. Therefore, one should probably choose it wisely and try to keep it as timeless as possible.


Advertising banners used to be printed poster-like advertising media made of PVC, fabric or similar. In the digital age, however, one usually means digital online versions, especially if the provider like LynkHero is a web agency.
A good banner attracts attention and encourages the viewer to click. Therefore, an advertisement banner on the Internet must be conspicuous. Lately, animated banner ads are being used more and more often because the movement inevitably attracts the user's eye.
Before designing a banner, or having it designed by a professional, it is important to think carefully about the target audience. So, who is the banner supposed to attract? Which taste satisfied? Etc. Of course, it must also be clear what the banner should do. Should a product be sold, the name of the company made known, attention drawn to an event, etc. This then has an effect on the design of the banner, e.g. in terms of writing, colors, arrangement and more.
On the banner itself must necessarily appear the company logo and usually a call-to-action, in which the viewer is asked to click. For this purpose, usually a special button is installed, which the viewer can click on.
Anyone creating an online banner today can do so in the normal static or animated way.
A total of four file formats are possible:
- GIFs for animated banners
- jpeg and png for static images
- html5-Banner for complex Animations and interactive Elements

Of course, you also need high-quality photographs for the design of banners, websites, online shops and advertising media. Ideally, this is where you make special shots for the purpose, be it for the banner, the website, Facebook etc. Although the optimal solution, this is also the most expensive one. That's why often not 100% professional photos are improved and made acceptable by Photoshop Edit and other highly effective image processing software.
Image editing is thus the modification of photos, negatives, slides or digital images. It is usually used to correct errors that happened while taking pictures. Good examples are:
- over- and underexposure to light
- blur
- contrast limitations
- Image noise
- red-eye effect
- falling lines

The causes of these errors can be either technical problems or inferior quality of recording devices (digital camera, lens, scanner), their improper operation and unfavorable working conditions.

A professional layout is composed of all abstract elements, but initially without real content. It's practically the up-front design of websites, banners, posters, etc. Layouts for a single print job are typically unique and different from case to case. With newspapers or newsletters, there are often standardized layout templates that can be used.
Layouts are often created to give the clientele an identical and original look. The main goal here is also that the corporate philosophy is reflected (corporate design).


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From designing a website to media content production. No matter what our project is, we follow 3 simple rules:

  1. A minimalistic, simple design approach with modern & futuristic accents.
  2. Innovative ideas: Always trying to think out of the box.
  3. From concept to reality: Doing our best to turn visionary ideas into reality

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Make this first step and write us.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Make this first step and write us.

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