“Virtual reality is a technology that could actually allow you to connect on a real human level, soul-to-soul, regardless of where you are in the world.”

Nowadays one hears the term virtual reality (VR) more and more often. This basically means the creation of an apparent world in which the observer can move and act. However, this reality is created in the computer, the objects, environments, etc. are not really present. Thus, Virtual Reality is a high-quality user interface that can be controlled via head and hand movements, speech or touch. 

If you look at the whole functionally, virtual reality is a simulation using computer graphics. The great thing about it is that this synthetically created world is not static, but that it can respond to user input, that means it creates a direct interaction between the user and the virtual world.



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This interaction is made possible by the use of data gloves and data helmets or VR glasses, which convert the user commands directly into control commands. As a result, the rotation and movement of the user changes the perspective and size of the artificial environment, or actions can be taken by gripping or touching the data glove.

Through these interactions, the user can actually immerse themselves in the virtual world and perform actions and experience things. If you want to create a virtual world, you must first formulate and then fulfill some requirements.


This is the embedding of the user in the virtual world. The perception of one's own real world has to be reduced and the goal is that the user finally feels part of the virtual world. Therefore, the design of the virtual reality must be sophisticated and detail-oriented - just as real as possible. This includes, for example, that the viewer can perform many actions in the system.


It is important that the virtual world is perceived as plausible, which means it has to be logical and coherent. The viewer must feel that his actions have an impact on the artificial reality.

Interactivity & Fidelity

Interactivity can create the illusion that everything is actually happening. 
Fidelity refers to the effect that occurs when the virtual environment is accurate and true to nature. The more detailed and natural, the more credible the artificial reality is for the user.


First, you need a corresponding VR glasses, because the main effect is visual. To achieve the above-mentioned immersion, virtual reality must be presented as perfectly as possible. There are special output devices, so called head-mounted displays, for example the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

It is important, of course, that a spatial impression can be awakened. For this purpose, two images are generated and displayed from different perspectives (stereo projection).


With a 360-degree camera, which are available on the market since about 2015, you can pack experiences in a panorama picture film. These can then be played back afterwards in a Smartphone, VR glasses or in gaming glasses in the PC.
For the viewer, a sense of closeness to the happenings is possible, which otherwise you would not have to such an intense degree in a normal movie.
These cameras, also referred to as virtual reality cameras, come in various formats. The difference lies mainly in the number of lenses, which is installed in the camera.
- Cameras with one lens
Here, the so-called fisheye principle is used, in which the camera films at an angle of 360 ° x235 °. Thus, there is no complete 360-degree image, so the result is a black spot in the image.
Cameras with two lenses
Here, the two lenses are installed close to each other and a gap-free image is possible, which is assembled via a special software. Unfortunately, at this moment there are often still problems, so the seam can be seen in many cases.
- More than two lenses
The latest trend is cameras like the Panono, which has a variety of camera lenses.


Application areas
The applications are incredibly versatile, the technology is, among others, suitable for:
flight simulator
for creating virtual prototypes
production plans
virtual training
for ergonomic evaluations and spatial studies in geology
visualizations in architecture, medicine, chemistry, energy and edutainment (e.g. Virtual Cultural Heritage)
applications in spatial planning
occupational Safety
usability of products and processes
virtual reality in entertainment media
fitness equipment
virtual city tours
virtual Museum Visits
shopping in the virtual showroom
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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Make this first step and write us.

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